Part I of my message focused on compliance as well as accessibility being so much more than just meeting compliance standards. Conformance to international and domestic standards such as those from the World Wide Web Consortium (WC3) and WCAG standards should be baseline elements to any accessibility measuring stick. It’s about enabling consumers to access … Read more

Accessibility is a term often heard and read, but what does it truly entail in reference to digital content?  Many think that it refers strictly to facilitating access to content for consumers who require assistance  whether it be caused by a hearing deficit, visual impairment, or other contributing factors. But  accessibility as it relates to … Read more

Delivering healthcare information in today’s omni-channel world | Gilmore Global

How healthcare networks communicate with their members has become a critical part of their overall “star rating” and competitive advantage. That’s because consumers demand choices in how they access and receive health information, make appointments, order prescriptions, and communicate with their physicians and specialists. In our modern omni-channel world, where content can be accessed from … Read more

Pandemic Solutions in Healthcare

A large and busy healthcare company who operates nine hospitals, a statewide health plan and a growing multi-specialty medical group was struggling to keep up with the worldwide pandemic. With all their services combined, the company serves more than 470,000 members statewide and employs more than 11,000 employees – including more than 900 providers and … Read more

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