Global Revenue Management & Operations

While removing costly burdens, we add valuable insight

What fundamental things should an outsourced global revenue operation do? It should fully free you to focus on winning business and increasing market share — and it should generate a kind of business insight than you might not discover on your own.

Those are the core ingredients at Gilmore Global. First, we quickly set up and maintain global revenue management and administration systems that function as a seamless extension of your business. This not only reduces overhead and staffing costs, but also opens up a wealth of opportunity for product tracking, performance monitoring, and markets forecasting.

Next, while our teams are handling your global financial management operations (i.e., any financial transaction, in almost any currency, anywhere in the world), your teams have significantly more time and business intelligence at their disposal when conquering new territory around the globe.

Our global revenue and financial management solutions include:

World-leading revenue management

  • Easily scale to handle up to thousands of monthly customer transactions
  • Track sophisticated BI and data analytics on a convenient solution dashboard
  • Monitor the movement of products daily or even hourly

Multiple global currency transactions

  • Invoice in 16+ currencies; transact in more than six credit card currencies
  • Include all applicable taxes and duties; invoice in print or electronically
  • Efficiently and confidently do business in some of the world’s most challenging markets

Full services for specialized billing and more

  • Billing of annual fees and dues to authorized channel partners
  • Invoicing, collections, and complete front- and back-office capabilities
  • Large volume billing with low dollar fee processing
  • Full sales tax and use tax collection

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