Channel Engagement

Grow, refine, and revitalize your global channel program

A business channel is like a living organism. Neglect it and the consequences can be severe.

That’s why some of the world’s largest companies look to Gilmore Global to support their operations with significantly improved channel engagement. We keep our finger on the pulse of our customers’ channels to continually assess their effectiveness and find opportunities for growth.

The two foremost results are optimized channels through reduced and controlled costs and greater efficiency in sales and distribution, as well as healthier channels, infused with carefully selected partners, greater supports, and targetted marketing initiatives.

Gilmore Global Channel Engagement services include:

Proactive partner acquisition

We research and acquire new channel partners for authorized programs by owning all of the legwork — i.e., prospecting, courting, and evaluating — based on our your defined criteria. When you approve new partners, we work to smoothly integrate each one into your business stream.

In addition to channel growth benefits, these services enable you to:

  • Continuously refresh business channel resources
  • More readily achieve market penetration goals
  • Help meet revenue obligations to corporate head office
  • Improve brand awareness at the consumer level
  • Extend the scope and range of trained personnel

Dedicated marketing for channel engagement

Because consistent marketing support is critical to the health of channel infrastructure and investments, we work on your behalf to deliver timely content and other supports that help maximize returns.

Whether you are launching a new product, promoting an event, or selling the attributes of membership, Gilmore Global’s expertise in marketing business channels can help you:

  • Drive global sales and use marketing dollars more effectively
  • Conduct relationship marketing with advanced curl and purl technologies
  • Protect brand integrity and intellectual propert

How do our solutions fit your specific needs?

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