Supply Chain Management

Global supply chains should do much more than just supply

In the highly competitive global marketplace, smart organizations approach supply chains in ways that create value flowing both down and up stream. Finding operational efficiencies is imperative, of course, but what else is possible?

At Gilmore Global, we manage supply chains as systems moving in all directions at once, be it through strategic procurement or better post-sale support. This perspective lets us drive greater value for customers in areas such as cost controls, cash flow, supplier relations, and time to market.

Our Supply Chain Management solutions include:

Simplified procurement-to-inventory processes

Moving goods into and out of global markets can challenge even the most border-friendly supply chain. By serving as a single, worldwide procurement portal, Gilmore Global helps ensure consistent cross-border availability of the goods you need, when you need them.

We’re positioned to buy and manage stock from start to finish — and customers pay for product only when it’s ordered, making for more predictable cash flow. With advantages such as specialized procurement teams for non-print goods, we help you:

  • Move inventory more freely across borders and at lower cost
  • Reduce duties and other global market exposures
  • Accelerate time to market with regional fulfillment centres located around the world
  • Streamline vendor payments to improve supplier relations

Robust post-sale relationships

We’ve learned that what happens after a sale is just as important as the pre-purchase customer experience. That’s why we help organizations deliver exceptional after-sales service without the need for in-house staffing and infrastructure.

We operate as an extension of our customers’ businesses to deliver product return services, supply product information, and respond to buyer inquiries — and all in a highly efficient manner that’s fully seamless for the end customer.

By expertly managing this aspect of your global supply chain, Gilmore Global enables you to:

  • Free up time and resources for core business activities
  • Reduce costs and improve service levels
  • Enhance the overall customer experience and boost brand confidence

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