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​Seamless print and digital content that helps close deals and drive ROI​

​​Today’s real estate organizations face a three-fold challenge.

First, they need to manage increasingly complex networks of agents and brokers across borders and time zones. Second, they must efficiently support those networks with learning content in multiple formats as well as customizable marketing materials with quick turnaround times. And third, they must do all of the above in a way that drives return on investment.

It might sound impossible to tick all three of those boxes with one consultative partner, but that’s where Gilmore Global comes in. We create solutions that give real estate customers everything they need to deliver on all three fronts.

How? Deep experience in integrating learning solutions into a larger ecosystem lets us seamlessly facilitate secure connections between our platforms and existing real estate networks.

And because we’re so seasoned in helping customers migrate from a paper-based to digital content, we can also factor in process optimization, workflow automation, and tightly integrated global supply chains, helping real estate networks reduce costs, increase efficiencies, drive that all-important ROI.

Our two core offerings for the Real Estate industry:

  • Efficient learning content delivery

    • Timely printed materials for agent/broker training delivered through our global supply chain
    • Access to unlimited digital content within a subscription-based learning experience platform
    • Automated notifications when new content is available to support learning outcomes
  • Marketing materials customized ordering

    • Web-based ordering of printed and digital materials including just listed cards, just sold cards, business cards, brochures, etc.
    • Customizing functionality for users (who easily enter variable attributes) for both printed products and digital versions

Services specific to the real estate sector

  • HRIS system integration to manage user access to learning
  • User-customizable digital materials delivered to a mailing list or GeoPost location
  • Advanced print-on-demand technology that drives down cost and improves distribution efficiency
  • development and platform integration with virtual lab or LMS environments

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