Heavy Equipment

Optimizing the legacy process and modernizing for tomorrow

Whether you’re committed to tried-and-true systems, ready to fully modernize, or somewhere in between, Gilmore Global can help you create an ideally tailored solution to produce and distribute training, technical, and marketing content with optimal efficiency.

As our heavy equipment customers adapt to emerging demographics and evolve their content distribution methods, we are positioned to immediately consult on and support that transition.

Our foremost goal is to drive cost from the operating equation, partly by encouraging heavy equipment firms to eliminate large, centralized inventories in favor of a global, print-on-demand model.

In addition to e-commerce infrastructure branded with our customers’ look and feel, we also provide services as a global reseller, taking care of all taxation, imports, and business functions. This helps keep our heavy equipment customers at arm’s length from transactions, eliminating sales tax and income tax exposure.

Gilmore Global advantages for the heavy equipment sector

  • Global supply chain
    Our ability to print in key geographies worldwide results in lower cross-border and other shipping costs, faster time to market (with direct-to-consumer capacity), and simplified operations.
  • Cross-department support
    We effectively support your marketing department, training department, and technical content development process by managing access to content according to customer group.
  • Blended digital solutions
    Our flexible platforms for digital content accommodate any organization’s preferred methods, be they legacy or fully modern. We can even equip customers to operate in remote, offline locations such as mines or forests.

Services specific to the heavy equipment sector

  • Customer support infrastructure to handle inbound calls and customer service queries
  • EDI integration, enabling customer to electronically request that content be produced and delivered directly to assembly lines
  • Advanced print on demand technology that drives down cost and improves distribution efficiency

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