Where change is constant, content delivery must evolve

At Gilmore Global, our value hinges directly on the depth of expertise we offer within the industries we serve. That’s why we refuse to reach beyond those sectors to areas where we may not deliver our accustomed level of insight.

Decades of experience consulting within markets that are home to organizations like yours give us a unique ability to assess business processes, anticipate challenges, uncover efficiencies, and recommend transformational blueprints for greatly improved global operations.

It may sound cliché, but we literally do know our clients’ industries as well as our clients do. This means that when collaborating on your solution, we bring as much business acumen as you do — but with an objective and consultative perspective that adds critical value.

Gilmore Global advantages for high tech

  • Authorized global reselling
    We sell content directly to authorized training partners, transients, employees, and other parties. We own each transaction and the resulting tax footprint, removing our customers from financial exposure.
  • Global supply chain
    We can easily integrate delivery of printed and digital books with a powerful LCMS for content aggregation and a four-dimensional adaptive learning platform that drives student outcomes.
  • LMS guidance
    We intimately understand and can consult on the LMS tools (learning management systems) that our customers use, helping them make the most of all that an LMS can offer for transformational content delivery.
  • Fast print turnaround
    The tech world moves fast. That’s why we deliver printed content on demand with very short turn around times through 14 global production centres, giving you greater flexibility to order when the need arises with no inventory to manage.

Services highly relevant to the high-tech sector

  • BI and data analytics reporting for advanced on-the-fly report creation
  • 3PL procurement of accessory items to support learning delivery
  • E-commerce and payment processing
  • Technology development and platform integration with virtual lab or LMS environments

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