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Delivering healthcare information in today’s omni-channel world

How healthcare networks communicate with their members has become a critical part of their overall “star rating” and competitive advantage. That’s because consumers demand choices in how they access and receive health information, make appointments, order prescriptions, and communicate with their physicians and specialists.

In our modern omni-channel world, where content can be accessed from various sources (e.g., apps, phone, texts, purl sites, and social media), healthcare companies are among those that must invest in omni-channel communication platforms to create a competitive edge. Today’s leaders are no longer sending content via restrictive formats or the “old school” print-only method.

How do they build such an omni-channel program? Too many attempt to do it internally through their IT departments, where the constant threat of data security breaches means they often struggle to meet project timelines for operations and marketing groups. A far better course of action is to seek out a strategic partner with a proven track record in managing health information as well as the needed technology that can be customized to fit the needs of the end users.

For example, while studies have shown that both Gen Xers and Millennials are very comfortable using phones, apps, and text messaging to access healthcare information, the Baby Boomer population prefers the security of printed mail, phone calls, emails, or a protected purl site.

The challenge, then, for today’s healthcare companies is to consider each demographic and/or market segment and accommodate it accordingly. Choice is key. Providing various communication channel options adds lustre to the healthcare provider’s “star rating” and convenience for the member.

Needless to say, choosing the right partner to help meet this challenge is mission-critical. Gilmore Global has more than 30 years’ experience in helping the world’s largest organizations distribute both confidential and educational content in omni-channel environments.

Whether it’s an annual notification of change, explanation of benefits, new member welcome kit, health reminder, or any other type of communication, Gilmore has the relevant technology platforms and applications to provide end customers with the choices that fit each demographic and market segment.

For more on our omni-channel solutions for the healthcare sector, contact Gilmore Global today.

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