It’s quite common for a Standards Development Organization (SDO) to retail its standards through large resellers — a marketplace approach promoted as a “one-stop shop” for consumers. The drawback? This model comes at a significant cost to SDOs in the form of double digital license fee percentages and reduced program control. What’s more, the marketplace … Read more

Industry Insights - Real Estate

The modern real estate broker/agent network can take many forms, and precious few of them are simple. There could be one parent company with numerous network channels. There could be multiple brokerages under the same name, across many offices, both domestically and internationally. And there could be ongoing efforts to bring independent real estate companies … Read more

distribute digital content

Although modern learning technology evolves quickly, keeping pace and making the most of the latest innovations is often much easier with a little bit of expert guidance. As a leader in learning content delivery since 1995, we’ve helped a great many organization print and distribute content for classroom-based training. But when digital learning technology came … Read more

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