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Centralize training for complex real estate networks — and drive real ROI along the way

The modern real estate broker/agent network can take many forms, and precious few of them are simple.

There could be one parent company with numerous network channels. There could be multiple brokerages under the same name, across many offices, both domestically and internationally. And there could be ongoing efforts to bring independent real estate companies under a flagship brand.

Needless to say, optimized training for such a complicated network is no easy task, but a centralized platform approach is an excellent starting point. To that end, Gilmore Global can help build solutions that connect all broker channels to an intuitive learning environment for highly efficient training or to a robust online storefront for web-to-print services, digital content delivery, and the purchase and fulfillment of branded merchandise.

Gilmore Global’s flexible eLearning platforms can adapt to even the most demanding real estate network needs. Our deep experience in integrating learning solutions into a larger ecosystem lets us seamlessly facilitate a secure exchange of data between our platforms and any existing real estate systems.

On another front, we’re also well-schooled in helping real estate companies migrate from a paper-based to digital content delivery that’s enhanced with innovative tools. And because we specialize in process optimization, workflow automation, and tightly integrated global supply chains, we help real estate networks reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and solve complex technology challenges.

That, of course, is where the ROI comes in. By serving as a subject matter expert in learning content delivery and systems integrations, Gilmore Global helps deliver a healthy return and other measurable benefits to real estate companies around the globe.                       

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