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Aerospace firm’s complete print and support solution sets industry standard

High fixed costs associated with on-site printing and support staff were preventing an international aerospace company from launching a subscription program that would manage publication revisions for their clients. The company needed more flexibility to meet changing market needs related to its time-sensitive technical publications including flight and maintenance manuals.

The Gilmore Global Solution

After analyzing the company’s print and fulfillment requirements, Gilmore Global began by installing a fully outsourced model using more efficient print and finishing technology combined with faster order processing through our 24/7 global operations.

In addition to savings in material unit costs, the streamlined production and lower carrier rates enabled additional cost savings and faster time to market.

Next, we examined the cost-effectiveness of on-site customer support and built an outsourced model that immediately generated dramatic cost savings while removing redundant staffing and reduced human resources involvement.

Third, to accelerate the client’s subscription management initiative, we developed a custom application that met all requirements and directly generated new revenues through revision renewal invoicing.

Finally, after replacing and improving all program elements, we were in position to introduce a number of additional client services, such as:

  • A custom application enabling restricted access to electronic flight bags
  • View-only access of online publications for registered users
  • Hosted cloud servers enabling downloads by registered users
  • Digital transfer enabling peer-to-peer exchange between the client and its customers
  • Revenue management for reselling technical publication subscriptions (Gilmore Global manages the financial transactions and generates monthly royalties for the client)

This long running success story began in 1990 and has now set the standard in the aerospace industry.

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