Some of the world’s largest companies partner with Gilmore Global to ensure that global operations are optimized for maximum performance. In an increasingly competitive and global marketplace, the need to be lean and efficient has never been greater. Find out how partnering with Gilmore Global can take your global operations to a new level of performance and efficiency.  Drive out cost while driving up global sales. Does it get better?
Our flexible and scalable solutions work to build high performance operations across the global value chain. Our clients deal with one supplier, one solution.  We work to simplify the complex world of global business.  We have made the investments in infrastructure and expertise so our clients don’t have to. We save them money and the administrative burden and worries. Our clients rest easy knowing that global business operations are well in hand and running optimally by the experts at Gilmore Global.  Our clients can focus on growing their businesses and leave the daily grind of delivering on global operations to us.
Great examples include our partnerships with Cisco and Smart Technologies:
CISCO - Learning Specialized Partner 

Long Standing Cisco Partner

For over 16 years Gilmore Global has been a Cisco Education Services Distributor  (ESD) – the longest of any Cisco partner.  We are the source of Cisco authorized learning content and host/operator of the Cisco Learning Store.
Smart Inspired Collaboration 

Partner in Innovation

Gilmore Global is also an authorized reseller of SMART Technologies, SMART kapp an innovative, collaborative whiteboard tool.