In today’s highly competitive markets, smart organizations are looking to supply chain management as a means to add value and boost financial performance. As input and labour costs increase, the need to improve operational efficiencies is imperative. Successful global companies consider operational excellence a competitive advantage. Effective supply chain management can bring added value on a number of fronts including reduced costs, better-managed cash flow, greater market flexibility and more. At Gilmore Global we work with some of the world’s biggest companies to drive greater value out of their supply chains.
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Better manage global inventory.

Global organizations face many cross-border challenges when trying to move goods in and out of global markets. Serving as a single procurement portal, Gilmore Global ensures the consistent availability of materials around the world. A key benefit of the Gilmore Global service is our ability to buy stock and manage it from start to finish. Our customers only pay for product when it
is ordered helping to smoothen cash flow. Gilmore Global enables inventory to flow more freely across borders and at less cost. 
Here’s how:
  • Specialized procurement teams for non-print goods;
  • Reduced duties and other cross-border exposures;
  • Faster times to market from regional, global fulfillment centres; and
  • Well-managed vendor payments for improved supplier relations.
Let Gilmore Global manage stock and inventories to move freely across multiple borders. 


Post-Sale Support

Make the most of the post-sale relationship.

Deliver exceptional after sales service without the need to set up costly post-sale infrastructure. Gilmore Global operates as a virtual extension of its clients’ businesses to support its clients’ customers in a variety of ways for high performance global operations.
The customer experience after a product is sold is as important as the steps that led to the point of purchase. Gilmore Global offers flexible, post-sale services for a variety of scenarios.
Our clients often rely on us to support their channels by providing end users with product return services, product information or any other type of post-sale customer service. End users can also go through Gilmore Global to make product or course inquiries for certifications. We operate as an extension of our clients. For the end user, the experience is completely seamless and efficient.
Here’s why some of the world’s leading global companies look to Gilmore Global for post-sale support:
  • Allows organizations to concentrate on core business activities while customer service and support is expertly managed;
  • Reduces costs and improves service levels;
  • Improves and sustains high levels of brand acceptance; and
  • Increases customer efficiencies and brand confidence.