Let us worry about all those small but voluminous financial transactions so you don’t have to. At Gilmore Global, we can manage any financial transaction, in any amount for any quantity, in almost any currency, for any product, around the world. We operate as a seamless extension of your business. We assume the burden and the overhead of setting up and maintaining revenue administration systems so you don’t have to. Gilmore Global is the service provider of choice for businesses that want to sell to the world while keeping overhead and administrative costs in check. Global sales across global markets – we make it simple.
Going global? Contact us, we can help.


Revenue Management

Operating a global business is complex. We make it simple.

We have made significant investments in revenue management infrastructure and expertise so our clients don’t have to. Scalable and easily monitored to track the movement of product, our revenue management service is like no other.
The Gilmore Global Revenue Management service far exceeds that of other service providers. 
Here’s why. The Gilmore Global service is:
  • Scalable to handle tens, hundreds or thousands of monthly customer transactions;
  • Powered by sophisticated business intelligence and data analytics platforms;
  • Supported with a convenient dashboard and reporting capabilities enabling clients to monitor the movement of product daily or hourly;
Gilmore Global provides clients with a specialized team dedicated exclusively to revenue management programs. In addition, our service can transact in multiple currencies including those that need special consideration (e.g. BRIC countries).


Billing Fees

Full financial services for specialized billing and more.

Gilmore Global is a convenient and cost-effective, one stop shop for a full-service global financial centre. Some of the world’s largest companies look to Gilmore Global to handle billing of annual fees and dues in order to focus on core business activities. 
Gilmore Global’s Billing Fees service is a key component of our Global Revenue Operations solution. 
We can, on behalf of our clients, bill yearly dues or fees to authorized channel partners.
This highly specialized service is supported by our invoicing, collections and full front and back-office capabilities. Operating as an extension of our clients’ businesses, we deliver a full service financial centre. Our clients can focus on their core business and leave the administrative burden of billing fees to us. Some of the world’s most respected global companies choose Gilmore Global.
Here’s why:
  • Streamline large volume, low dollar fee processing;
  • Reduce overhead costs;
  • Manage full sales and use tax collections;
  • Manage withholding tax and lines of credit;
  • Improve day sales outstanding; and 
  • Contribute more to the bottom line.


Multiple Currency Transactions

Many markets. Multiple currencies. We make it simple.

The world is getting smaller yet doing business in a global marketplace can be complicated. Gilmore Global takes the complexity out of doing business across multiple borders. Gilmore Global enables global companies to operate in multiple currencies legally and easily. Our highly specialized service supports global organizations to do more business in more markets.
Here’s why:
  • Invoice in over 16 currencies;
  • Transact in more than six credit card currencies;
  • Correctly and legally do business in challenging markets including Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC);
  • Manage all applicable taxes and duties;
  • Invoice electronically or by paper;
  • Readily meet unique, country-specific requirements; and
  • Faster time-to-market